No Best Only Better and No Toughest Only Tougher: Airwheel S5 Scooter

17 Nov

17, November 2016: S-series experienced several failures when designed. S-series is both strong and fashionable because of its sleek and contoured features. It is regarded as the ultimate design of scooter. No best only better and no toughest only tougher, this is Airwheel S5 2-wheeled electric scooter.

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When Airwheel first introduced Airwheel S3, people started to know that electric scooters can also be tough and strong transport vehicles. The tough look and strong performance of Airwheel S3 had been far beyond consumers’ expectation. Once, S3 has become popular in the enterprises and institutions by virtue of its excellent performance. But S3, after all, is positioning for city traffic transport that cannot meet the specific requirements. S-series continues to extend boundaries with each new product surpassing previous ones. Thus, S5 intelligent electric scooter embodies a higher level of technological and artistic design. In contrast to S3, Airwheel S5 is bigger, thicker, and longer.


Obviously, Airwheel S5 appears rougher with wider wheel hub than any other electric scooters. The diameter of its wheel hub is 495mm. The foldable aluminium alloy control shaft makes S5 lighter and durable. The most attractive point is that S5 has the largest output power in all models. And the maximum peak of Airwheel S5’s motor is 1500W. Every Airwheel two wheel self-balancing electric scooter can be rode very well on the flat road, but only S5 can makes riders easily cross rough roads.

The stronger performance of Airwheel S5 matches its tougher look. When people still wondered how such big battery capacity sealed in such a small power bank, Airwheel brought people the S5 with a bigger battery capacity of 680Wh providing riders with longer range. Riders on Airwheel S5 are able to conquer any terrain. Airwheel S5 electric mobility scooter is your exclusive electric SUV, and is very suitable to be used in public security, traffic control, police armament, airport services, warehousing and logistics.

Airwheel S5 proves that electric scooters can also be strong and stylish vehicles. It will be your best friend that helps you through any road and ground. With the improvements of product details on Airwheel S5, riders will enjoy a more stable and enjoyable riding experience on any city road.

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