(Submit Articles) According to the new rules by SafeWay Certifications, TABC course will not be shortened even if you stop in between as there are no timers

January 07,2011 - Texas,USA - SafeWay Certifications is one of the most well known organizations. It is known for providing online courses in Texas, Alabama and Oklahoma. SafeWay Certifications is experienced in the restaurant industry. The examinations taken by SafeWay Certifications are government accredited and the certificate provided by them is recognized by the government.

Earlier completing TABC course with SafeWay Certifications was a bit difficult. But now getting TABC certification has become very easy. Previously the course was of 3 hours and 20 minutes and had to be completed in 6 hours or less time compulsorily. As per the new rules the course will not be shortened even if you stop in between as there are no timers. The new TABC course will be similar to the food handler course, without time restriction. With new TABC course you will not have to wait for the permit to come by mail as you will be able to download the official TABC card. You have to pay just $16.89 more and TABC registration will be immediately and automatically uploaded on the TABC server in 2-3 days. Register with SafeWay Certifications at and apply for the TABC course.

SafeWay Certifications is Texas largest and most recognized online TABC School. It currently services 18 cities and counties in Texas. SafeWay Certifications not only conduct TABC courses and certifications but also provides online food handler course, food manager course and child care courses. SafeWay Certifiactions also provide with Alcohol license and Bartending license. SafeWay Certifications group DVD training is the best and most convenient way to protect budgets. SafeWay Certifications in the states of Alabama and Oklahoma provides with food handlers card, food safety certifications, food handlers permit etc.

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