Shanghai, China, November 07, 2013: There are various features and reasons as to why one must purchase the finest quality mirrors from NRG. The company affirms that Bathroom Mirror introduced by them includes certain features that make these products a unique product. These mirrors are of superb quality and prevent any moisture or fog from accumulating over them. There is a mirror box or hardware that comes with the mirrors for easy fixing and their structure is waterproof in nature. These are designed in customized sizes and include frame, mirror and a solid internal structure. The company even offers samples so that one can evaluate properly before buying. 

NRG ensures that each item or product offered is according to the highest quality standards. One can avail these products directly from the factory where accurate quality control measures are adopted. Every piece of these mirrors goes through a quality check. 

The company also offers Bathroom Mirror Cabinet that inherits an additional feature of cabinet which can be used for holding items. One can choose between two types of cabinets, opening from the front or with a sliding door. The cabinets offer customised designs and are available in different shapes and materials. The cabinets can hold the daily necessities which give comfort to the user. Materials are used like stainless steel and aluminium to ensure durability. These mirrors can be easily hung on the wall with the help of screws. 

As per the company, their Hotel Mirrors are available in attractive designs. These mirrors inherit mirror demister pad so as to keep them free from the fog. These can be fixed to the wall permanently and can be as big as possible in size. With designer frames, these are available in various sizes. 

There are also mirrors that are designed with light tubes or LED light for illuminating the mirror surface. These are trendy and big-sized mirrors that designed mostly by the interior designers. One can avail these mirrors at reasonable prices and can even choose after evaluating samples. One can grab more information about these mirrors by browsing the website . 

About NRG: 

The company is involved in making art glass and mirrors for 13 years and specialises in making various kinds of art glasses after gaining experience of so many years. The mirrors manufactured by them offer a better and easy way of living for people who install these mirrors in their homes. 

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