Nu-Lok: Specialist Suppliers & Installers Of Slate Roofing In Sydney

19 Jan

Sydney, Australia - It's no secret there is plenty of roofing options available for homes. When it comes to building new homes or fitting new roofs, slate tiles get used. These days, one type of roofing slate is causing a stir in the construction industry.

Nu-Lok is a trusted brand that more of Sydney's builders turn to. They are a company that supply and fit high-quality natural slate tiles. But that's not the firm's major selling point. The thing that is getting the industry talking is the innovative Nu-Lok roofing system.

What is the Nu-Lok roofing system?

In a nutshell, it's a more efficient and cost-effective way of installing slate tiles on a roof. For years, the cost of installing a new roof was often high because of the materials and labour needed.

Nu-Lok brings to the market a quicker and cheaper way to tile a roof. Coupled with their natural slate tiles, Nu-Lok has become the number one industry choice. Learn more about how the Nu-Lok roofing system works at

Why the Nu-Lok roofing system is good value

Nu-Lok's natural slate roof tiles start from $175 + GST per square metre installed. The company also offer a supply-only service for $109 + GST per square metre.

At those prices, a Nu-Lok roof is usually up to 50% cheaper than prices quoted by competing suppliers. Nu-Lok can provide customers a written quote within 24 hours.
Nu-Lok roofing systems are a no-wastage solution

One of the issues faced with conventional slate roofs is the high amount of waste generated. That's no longer a problem thanks to Nu-Lok's innovative roofing systems!

One interesting fact about Nu-Lok roofs is that nails do not get used during the installation. Another selling point of Nu-Lok is one doesn't have to price up a contingency for tile over-run. That means customers don't need to pay for "spare" tiles.

Nu-Lok roofing systems come with a 50-year warranty

The company are confident in the products they provide. In fact, they are so confident, they've included a 50-year warranty with them! Few roofing solution suppliers boast such a lengthy warranty period.

High strength

All Nu-Lok roofing systems get made with zincalume steel battens and channels. Gone are the days where traditional wooden battens get fitted! The battens, channels and clips all interlink with one another. That means homes end up with a stronger roof that can hold up against severe weather conditions.

About Nu-Lok

One roofing solution to take the construction industry by storm is Nu-Lok. They are a leading natural slate roofing provider in Sydney, and one of the best in Australia. With a range of cost-effective yet durable products, Nu-Lok has fast become the number one choice.The company also offer ceramic tiles and solar panel inserts. In addition, Nu-Lok can provide roofing solutions for commercial premises too.

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