Oceanus Partners Offers Its WorkComp Workshop in Chicago

23 Aug

Lutz, FL; 23, August 2016: Oceanus Partners, insurance industry training leaders in advancing how industry professionals connect in an ever-changing marketplace, brings back the popular WorkComp Workshop to Chicago October 18 and 19th.

The WorkComp Workshop is specifically designed for insurance producers who want to increase their sales by learning the capabilities few producers have and virtually every employer needs.

Few producers and virtually no employer really understand workers’ compensation insurance. Most employers commoditize the insurance-buying process, leaving themselves exposed to overcharges and errors.

With in-depth workers’ compensation knowledge, insurance agents can become producers who demystify this complex topic for employers, moving themselves away from the dreaded bid-and-quote process.

Leading with Worker’s Compensation in an insurance sales conversation is a proven methodology for predictably improving revenue growth and sales performance.

The WorkComp Workshop from Oceanus Partners helps producers adopt a consultative, revenue-generating sales strategy that leads with in-depth workers’ compensation knowledge and moves them away from transactional sales toward a consultative relationship with employers.

For more information about the Oceanus Partners WorkComp Workshop scheduled in Chicago or to register online, please visit: http://events.oceanuspartners.com/worker-comp-october/

About Oceanus Partners:

The Oceanus Partners name was born from Oceanus, the mythical Titan who was believed to be the personification of the World Ocean. In his hands he held bounty and prophecy. The ocean is powerful and ever changing, and it connects us all. Oceanus Partners endeavors to emulate Oceanus by advancing how industry professionals connect in an ever-changing marketplace.

Co-Founded by Frank Pennachio & Susan Toussaint, the pair brings a wealth of sales and technical skills together to offer agency consulting, live workshops and online instruction to assist insurance producers, agencies, carriers and associations generate revenue.

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