Ody Travel Gearâ„¢ Reports 80% Five Star Feedback on Amazon

20 Sep

Ody Travel Gear TM announces results on customer product feedback for their best-selling RFID money belt over two years on Amazon.com.

Launched two years ago on Amazon.com Ody Travel Gearâ„¢ has published that they have achieved a high customer feedback achievement on Amazon.com for their RFID Money Belt for Travel.

80% of customers who reviewed awarded the highest five stars giving the product an average rating of 4.7 out of five at the time of writing with a total of 476 reviews.

The company stresses that there is no hiding with customer reviews on Amazon.  “Customers reviews are the life-blood of any long-term e-commerce business today. Any poor product eventually gets found out quickly. All it takes poor quality control or simply a bad product. We have insisted on checking every item that leaves our factory and it seems to have paid off making our money belt one of the highest — if not the highest - rated on the Amazon market place” — says Guy Fisher — owner of the company.

Ody Travel Gearâ„¢ recently added a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking material  to their already best seller futher enhancing the security of their money belt for travel.

The money belt is made with two zipper compartments and four carefully sized pockets and is fully adjustable with its elastic waist band that can range from twenty to fifty-six inches. Among its other features are a lifetime warranty and a free money clip. The product went through an extensive quality check and RFID blocking test.

RFID Lining introduced to the Ody Travel Gear Money Belt stops electronic identification theft. Passports, credit cards and ID cards mostly carry electronic identification data chips which can be scanned with the right equipment. They contain important personal data in wireless chips. The RFID lining blocks the reading and scanning of this data and they cannot anymore be hacked without the knowledge of owners.

The company has reported more interest in their money belts  now that the product has the RFID Lining added for them to get protected against electronic identity theft. They have created a video to help further explain their product.  https://youtu.be/X0i81SjOPv0

The Ody Money Belt For Travel  is offered with free Shipping on Amazon.com for Prime members at their store: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NGKLBKO/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_myi?

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Ody Travel Gearâ„¢ provides quality travel items for discerning travellers. All products come with No Questions Asked Money Back Lifetime Guarantees.  The company is founded on an ethos of premium quality products backed up with world class customer service. Products are available to buy on Amazon.com

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