We know this very well that a living organism cannot live by itself.Organism interact among themselves.Hence all organisms,such as plants, animals and human beings as well as the physical surroundins with whom we interact form a part of our environment.All these constituents of the environment are dependent upon each other.Thus they maintain a balance in nature.
Human beings,we say are the best creation of god.They are one of the most intelligent creature out of 84 lakh types of organisms.They are the only organisms who try to modify the environment to fulfill their needs.Their acts have often disturbed the links and balance of the environment.This enviromental imbalance gives rise to various environmental problems like pollution,soil erosion, desertification,depletion of natural resources,thinning of ozone layer, global warming, waste accumulation and the last but not the least-extinction of species leading to vulnerable ecosystems in place of more complex and stable ecosystems.
In earlier days,humanbeings were leading a harmonious life with nature but from the time science has made a foothold between them,they simply started misusing their power through their intelligence and skills.Consequences of misuse of their power are indiscriminant killing of animals, deforestation and that too for food and money,inspite of having so many sources for it and also for the show off in this materialistic world.Its ridiculous!
How humans can destroy that inter-related chain in which they themselves are present.If humans have to survive,then they will have to live in harmony with the nature and to achieve this one of the most important step is-CONSERVATION OF WILDLIFE.
Conservation of wildlife is very important.Today there are immense number of medicines prepared through animals,for eg-kasturi etc. Not only this but wildlife is the first and the foremost requirement for continuation of food chains.They have many such unique adaptations through which they do so.for eg.Colours.
Colours are indicators of health of organisms and their survival strategy.Certain buttrflies like Crimson rose advertise their colourful coat to warn their predators whereas Blue oakleaf uses cryptic colouration to camouflage.Most birds and mammals acquire bright colours during breeding season to attract their mates.The blue or green shade to the ocean indicates the presence of blue-green phytoplanktons.The green pigment of chlorophyll in plants supports the herbivores, carnivores, scavangers and thus the entire food chain.
Like this there are many such things through which wildlife maintains the food chain.Even if a single species gets extinct it leads to the breakage of the whole food chain which means-the end.
Actually these are some things when we look from the scientific point of view.From other side if we see then we\'ll find that religious sentiments of people are also linked with many animals.Wildlife has also been the source of insipiration in many ways like we have learnt to give parental care from animals only.
The thing is that necessity of wildlife is a topic which cannot be discussed in few words because it is directly linked to us and thus counting its necessity means making its significance limited, which is absolutely not.
So i would like to conclude by saying that through some biodiversity conservation, ecorestoration and environmental education and awareness programmes we should try to extend our support to the conservation efforts as we should not forget this fact that "ONCE WE TOO WERE ANIMALS".