One Company, One Mission: To Fundamentally Change the Mobile Home Industry.

11 Aug

Mesa, AZ — August 2016 -- — Mobile Home Community is proud to announce the official nationwide launch of its new real estate sales platform for mobile homes.  In conjunction with thousands of sellers and buyers, this platform has already changed the mobile home industry.

The site for mobile home owners, buyers, dealers, and realtors features a dynamic platform for mobile home sales, mobile home loans, and the largest inventory of homes online or offline today. In addition, Mobile Home Community announced a mobile home purchase plan, dealer, mobile home park, and service provider categories.

"It is through the user experience and success that separates our company" states Jason Patrick CEO of Mobile Home Community. "It is about having the same passion, vision, mission, and paying it forward to the mobile home owners, dealers, and realtors that have been ignored, over charged, and under served in this industry" says Jason Patrick. "When you look at the available options to people online and offline, you can see the lack of resources, outrageous pricing, lack of lendable funds. This is the second largest home demographic in North America, yet not one company truly offers a solution, until now.

The Mobile Home Community staff averages 18 plus years each in the mobile home and manufactured housing industry.  Experience and success in home sales, service, lending, advertising, and most importantly; mobile home owners themselves.

“I was recently in Wickenburg Arizona having conversations with people in the community.  The number one thing they wanted was affordable solutions.  Ways to sell their mobile home.  Ways to upgrade their mobile home.  Is this too much for mobile home owners to ask?"  “The answer is a resounding NO” says Mr. Patrick.  “This is a dynamic industry that has been ignored or disappointed for too long by the current online options and financial industry” concludes Patrick.

According to a January 2016 edition of the Wall Street Journal 62% of all mobile home households need help in refinancing, selling, remodeling, and upgrades of their mobile home.  This under-served demographic seeks a solution on a local level, but with zero assistance.  Mobile Home Owners and Future owners are only being sold, not served.

For more information on how you can be a part of the Mobile Home Community please go to

Mobile Home Community is a service company that specializes in mobile and manufactured homes. With services that cover every aspect of the mobile home industry from: Sales, Financing, Purchases, Dealer, Realtors, Service Providers, and Employment.  Mobile Home Community is driven by its results, but has built a community that people have come to know, trust, and safely transact in.

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Jason Patrick
Mesa AZ