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RNB Panels is a venture of RNB Research - Global Market Research Company. RNB Panels is a leading global online market research company and specialist for the Asian Markets.

RNB Panels offers market researcher’s access to the world's most highly profiled, comprehensive, responsive and rigorously maintained research only online panels across 36 countries in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Americas and have robust survey programming and hosting capabilities. RNB Panels have a team of experienced, research-literate, multi-lingual online research specialists who are flexible to work with and available across offices worldwide.

RNB Panels number one goal continues to be to provide our valued clients secure, high quality and result oriented global research. RNB Panels Clients include Multinational Companies, government organizations and NGOs.

RNB Panels Services Offers:

RNB Panels offers market research services worldwide which assist the client in taking informed decisions with a most accurate, cost effective and time saving approach and also has a team of experts and specialists who utilize the following research approaches:

Consumer Behavior Studies
Tracking Studies
Online Omnibus
Advertisement Testing
Media Studies
Concept Testing
Online Diaries
Online Qualitative
Healthcare Studies
Business Studies
Mobile Surveys ““ MobiSam
Website Integration ““ WebSam

International Online Panels: - RNB Panels is a dynamic global Market Intelligence company providing comprehensive research solutions and strategic intelligence services for Asian / African Companies to become Global.

RNB Global Offices:
1. Asia: - China (Shanghai), India (Delhi), Philippines (Manila), Russia (St. Petersburg), Thailand (Bangkok),
Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh),

2. Middle East: - U.A.E (Sharjah)

3. Africa: ““ Egypt (Cairo), Kenya (Nairobi), South Africa (Johannesburg)

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