Once upon a time, and this not so long ago, trading on the Stock Markets and the currency markets were the preserve of stock broking firms who had traders on the floor buying and selling shares as directed. Certainly these firms still exist and are instrumental in most of the trades that go on today. But the trading methods have changed. With the rise of the NASDAQ exchange many trades are electronic.

So it is with ease that a growing number of people can manage their own trading activity by using their own online Trading Account. It is all dead easy to open an account at an online trading platform. These are usually restricted to one of the activities such as Foreign Exchange (Forex) trades, equities or stocks and shares as well as Contracts for Difference (CFDs).

The online trading platform at the Australian company Spectrum Live actually offers the full range of services whereby one can trade in CFDs, stocks and forex and futures on the one trading account across many bourses.

All responsible websites trading in financial products carry an upfront warning to would be users: There is risk involved! This warning should be taken seriously as an individual is generally a very small player in the scheme of things and his trades are unlikely to affect the market, whereas some of the big financial institutions taking a position may well cause movement in the market. If the trades an individual has taken with the information or intuition are correct a favourable result should occur. If not one may suffer a severe loss.

However Spectrum trading provides as much assistance as it possibly can with an education program in order to train their customers in the use of the platforms and the meanings of the Market analysis, as well as education in trading ideas. In this manner if one is used to trading in commodities education about trading in futures, forex and options is given. There are in addition 15 up to date training videos on the use of the online trading platform available.

This website is linked not only to Australian financial markets but to a number of Exchanges world wide. If one was to wish to trade in Forex the online trading platform at Spectrum Live then one can trade in 160 currency pairs. One may also start trading in DForex Forwards and in Forex Options trading.

A similar set of options are available should you be trading in CFDs. The leveraged CFD trades can be in over 7,000 single stocks across a number of Stock Exchanges world wide, or you may decide to trade in CFD commodities or in CFD Indices all of which allow you additional options to improve your trading experience.

If ine insists on actually taking transfer of the stocks then there are platforms for that as well as for trade in Funds and Futures. All in all the trading account available at Spectrum Live is comprehensive and wide ranging.

A Trading Account at Spectrum Live offers a wide range of of possible trading opportunities.

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