Optimise dispatch logistics with RFID – Bizerba presents the DWS system at Logimat 2011 in Stuttgart  

31 Jan

(Submit Articles) Balingen, 31st January 2011 - logistics companies are constantly faced with the challenge of delivering goods as quickly as possible. With the DWS system from Bizerba, packages can be measured, weighed, scanned and labelled in automatic continuous operation. The expansion of the label printer to a RFID coding unit allows sales management to prepare shipments for the fully-automated packaging process. The system has already proven to be efficient for a large number of package providers worldwide.
The determination of the volume weight plays a decisive role, particularly for large mail-order companies and forwarding agencies. "To charge 100 kilograms of cotton according to its weight would be uneconomical. However, the volume weight takes into consideration the space that a package occupies in relation to its actual weight and therefore becomes the basis of the charge if it turns out to be higher than the actual weight“, explains Dieter Conzelmann, Director of Industry Solutions at Bizerba. 
The system can also be used for intra-logistical purposes: for example, for the determination of a suitable storage location during the interim storage period or for the best utilisation of space in transportation vehicles. The CWL-Eco outloading scales used can also be integrated as individual element into already existing package shipment and sorting systems and feeding lines or used as a stand-alone solution for both filling quantity and unit weight controls and completeness and quality control checks. The scales have the programmes counting, tolerance control, serial error recognition and totalling.
Bizerba will present the DWS system from 8th to 10th February at Logimat 2011 in Stuttgart, the international trade fair for distribution and the flow of material and information (Hall 3, Stand 521).
And this is how it works: at the beginning, the package is identified on the conveyor line using its barcode and weighed using the dynamic outloading scales CWL-Eco. A volume measurement system (VMS) then determines the height, length and breadth of the package. The data is transmitted to the IT system of the customer and is then further processed using shipment software. The information gathered, in addition to the weight, the address of the recipient and the mode of shipment, is sent back to the DWS system. There, a GLM-B-Series printer prints and applies the corresponding parcel slip and sends the package number back to the IT system. This response is important for the sales management in order to allow for the tracking of shipments.
The expansion of the printer to become a RFID coder can be carried out using the easy-link process without great expense or additional space requirements. The suitable RFID label with an integrated transponder is produced by the Bizerba labelling plant "Labels and Consumables“ in Bochum.
Unique weighing method
The CWL-Eco scales work with interference-free string technology, which, as a unique weighing method, measures the mass and not the weight. The user can therefore install them almost anywhere in the world, without having to undergo recalibration due to the different degrees of gravitational force between the Pole and the Equator. According to Cozelmann "the force to be measured is directly transformed into a frequency signal. It omits the need for an analogue to digital conversion whereby the system has enhanced protection against interference and is faster.“
Extensive service network ensures short downtimes
In order to ensure a high level of reliability for all installed components one thing is necessary: a well-organised and quick-response service. "The hotline is a free basic service which is available 24-hours a day, even at the weekend and during holidays. Within the scope of individual contracts, further modules comprise a 24-hour repair service, 24-hour trouble shooting, preventive maintenance checks on-site as well as auditing checks in accordance with to ISO standards“, says Robert Keller, Director of Business Services at Bizerba. Furthermore, within the so-called e-service contracts, Bizerba also offers remote monitoring of hardware and software solutions. In this way, downtimes are reduced reliably and cost-efficiently.

About Bizerba
Bizerba is a leading, worldwide-operating Solutions-provider offering professional system solutions in scale, label, information and food service technologies, in the retail, food industry, producing and logistic segments. Sector-specific hardware and software, high-performance network-compatible management systems as well as a wide selection of labels, consumables and business services ensure transparent control of integrated business processes and high-level availability of Bizerba-specific performance features.
Worldwide, Bizerba is present in over 120 countries – with 41 shareholdings in 23 countries, as well as 54 country distributors. The company’s headquarters, with a staff of 3,000, is located in Balingen, Germany. Further manufacturing facilities are located in Meßkirch, Bochum, Vienna (Austria), Pfäffikon (Switzerland), Milan (Italy), Shanghai (China), Forest Hill (USA) and San Luis Potosi (Mexico).
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