Organic Brand uVernal Offering Information and Samples

11 Feb

UVernal Offers Free Consultations and Product Samples to Boost Marketing Efforts

It is at the forefront of uVernal’s priorities to offer their customers absolute transparency and all the information needed to educate the public about all the benefits and perks of green tea Matcha powder.

For this purpose, the organic goods company offers their customers free consultations, so that any questions that may come up concerning the product will be answered easily and effectively as fast as possible.

Matcha green tea powder has been generally unknown in the west until only a few years back. The product was popular in eastern Asia for many centuries and now has taken western markets by a storm. For those customers unfamiliar with the new product and its many uses, the free consultations will offer insight into how the Matcha is produced, packaged and delivered.

The Matcha sold by uVernal is always produced to be 100% organic. That means that the farms selected to produce the green tea powder are situated in areas that are not polluted. The soil, air and water of an area have to be free of chemical fertilizers, factory waste products and unnatural substances. The farmer is not allowed to use chemical pesticides or fertilizers either. By not using these substances the area is protected from harm and the products are free of unnatural chemicals.

To further increase knowledge and understanding about green tea Matcha powder, uVernal offers small samples of the product to familiarize the public with the unique taste and health benefits it offers. A single bowl of Matcha contains more nutrients that ten cups of regular green tea brew, because in Matcha one consumes the whole leaf.

Matcha contains more antioxidants than blueberries and broccoli. A diet rich in antioxidants protects the body’s cell from premature aging and damage. Matcha is also rich in the cancer fighting catechin ECG and the amino acid l-theanine that helps the mind stay focused. Thanks to the small amount of caffeine found in Matcha together with l-theanine, the product offers consumers an energy boost and a focused mind.

UVernal hopes that by offering information to the public via consultations and by familiarizing consumers with their product through the distribution of small samples, their Matcha green tea powder will become a staple food found in most western homes in the near future.

Brand: Uvernal

Address: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Phone: 1(800)6115698

Email: [email protected]