Victoria, Canada, October 30, 2013: Among several types of popular alternative treatment methods, acupuncture is again gaining acceptance among the modern populace. This age-old therapy has been recognized for effectively curing several types of common diseases such as back pain, arthritis and other orthopedic maladies. Many health journals have recently reported about the positive results that acupuncture has brought in people’s life who had been suffering from such diseases for quite a long.

With the growing awareness around acupuncture, the leading Acupuncture Victoria College rightly felt the need for professionally qualified acupuncture therapists. Thus, in order to prepare a new breed of acupuncture professionals, Oshio College is now offering training programs in acupuncture. The training programs are aimed at offering practical skills to the students and prepare them to start their own practicing career as an accomplished acupuncture therapist.

Oshio College intends to establish itself as a premier institution in the West, offering professional level courses in this ancient oriental therapy of acupuncture. One of the faculty members who use to teach acupuncture in the college states, “This ancient oriental treatment method is new to the western world. We want to create more awareness about it. Since needles are used for the treatment, many people show their apprehension in taking the acupuncture treatment. We train students to demonstrate their skills to promote this age-old treatment methodology.”

He further says that the Acupuncture Victoria College focuses more on the practical training and which is an important part of their curriculum. According to him, “A practical training gives students more confidence while treating a patient and it educates them to handle their patients in a more convincing manner.” However, all faculty members were very confident that the students after passing out from their college will be able to create more awareness about acupuncture and will also help the mankind from getting rid of several kinds of maladies in natural ways.

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About Acupuncture College Victoria

Acupuncture College Victoria or Oshio College was established in Victoria, BC, Canada in 1999. The College is Victoria’s oldest and most well established College offering courses in Traditional Chinese Medicine and alternative therapies such as acupuncture. Oshio College has been accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency (PCTIA) since November, 2001. The College enjoys the status of an “eligible Institution” under the Canada Student Loans Act.

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