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25 Mar

USA; March 25, 2014: Employee monitoring software and network monitoring software are becoming more and more popular in recent times. With the tendency of improving productivity, the employers have paid more attention to their employees’ working efficiency. A new software has been developed by Wangya Computer Co., Ltd., called OsMonitor, which helps company heads and managers understand what their employees are up to and whether they are doing the work that they have been hired to do. 

OsMonitor gives users the detailed information about the usage frequency and activities of the networks in the workplace so that they are assured of the fact that employees are realty working ad not doing things that they are not being paid for. It is available in 2 version, namely Basic and Full versions. These are some of them many features of this newly launched application: 

- Websites filter, block USB, game, chat, media player
- Log website visits, log blocked programs and windows
- Log network card flow, bandwidth monitor and control
- Log applications, graphic analyze employees’ work
- Monitor and log employees’ screenshot
- Monitor and log camera
- Log AIM/ICQ/Yahoo/MSN/Skype/QQ conversation
- Log emails via Outlook Express or Outlook
- Remote desktop
- Backup files, log files and documents operation

This effective employee and network monitoring software can be used in small, medium as well as large sized companies. It records and tracks computer activities as well as provides every detail about the employees’ PC and Internet usage on the server. Besides this, it automatically blocks employees from doing or accessing something that they, are not allowed to. It is the perfect guard of internet security and ensuring high productivity. Be it their online conversation, the emails they send, the searches they do or the documents they process, everything is watched with precision by OsMonitor. The software is extremely apt for the LAN environment which is regarded as the fool-style network management software. 

The OsMonitor employee monitoring software free download URL is http://www.os-monitor.com/download.htm 

OsMonitor is a project of Wangya Computer Co., Ltd., a limited company that was established in 2006. All of the development offices are located in Asia and the sales offices are represented by Plimus and Avangate. 

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