Overall experience of mini mobility Airwheel two-wheeled intelligent A3

19 Jan

19, January 2016: Sam bought one set of Airwheel two-wheeled intelligentscooter A3 online months ago. After months’ experience of riding A3, he has got a better and comprehensive idea about A3. Three months ago, he places an order for Airwheel A3 online. Then it is out of stock in the online stores. Sam impatiently waited for nearly one month. His long-expected electric self-balancing scooter finally was delivered at his house. He went into rapture at once.


According to Sam’s description of riding Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing scooter A3, he found the ride of Airwheel A3 is fairly comfortable. Firstly, Airwheel adopts the threaded handlebars. The handlebars are very soft and the threads on it serves effectively to enhance friction in case of slipping. The wave-shaped handlebars are designed under the ergonomics to the letter.

The considerate design of handlebars exudes the attentiveness of Airwheel to details. Another aspect also exemplifies the thoughtful design on the part of Airwheel, that is, the pedals of A3. The metal pedals is able to resist the impact and less subject to break down. What’s more, the pedals can pack away. When it parks, its pedals can be folded to save storage space. The surface of pedals are made of special material, which is waterproof and anti-slippery.


The main draw of Airwheel A3 is its sit-on ride mode. Airwheel is proud to claim that it ushered in the phase of sit-on mode of ride. The exquisite leather saddle is engineered expertly and finely. When the rider sits on it, it is feel to abandon yourself with the comfy and softness. The bouncy leather saddle not only offers a comfortable ride, but also provides a cushion to buffer the impact and vibrate. The saddle of electric scooter A3 is conceptive innovation more than a design revolution. Airwheel A3 literally creates a veritable sit-on ride. However long the trip is, the rider will never feel a slight fatigue. This is the most impressive for Sam too.

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