Park Avenue Cellulaze Plastic Surgeons at Have Extensive Training in Performing Cellulite Treatment

03 Aug

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has pointed out that 90 percent of the female population suffers from the dreaded “cellulite.” According to the statistics in 2011, department stores apparently sold $13 million worth of products for cellulite firming and other purposes. Creams, lotions and pills can provide only temporary benefits. With the arrival of Cellulaze, things have changed. The FDA cleared device is very effective for cellulite removal. However, only trained plastic surgeons can guarantee the desired results and safety. The plastic surgeons at Park Avenue Cellulazeâ„¢, a leading plastic surgery in New York have extensive training and experience in performing Cellulaze cellulite treatment.

Cynosure’s Cellulaze Cellulite Laser Workstation is the first minimally invasive surgical device in the world specially designed to reduce the amount of cellulite by restoring normal skin structure and underlying connective tissue. The device can effectively target three structural factors that cause cellulite, and treat the fibrous bands beneath the skin, while stimulating collagen production to increase the skin’s depth and elasticity. The main highlight is that in just one treatment, it reduces the appearance of cellulite, restoring the normal structure of the skin and the underlying connective tissue.

Benefits of Cellulaze

• Safe, effective treatment
• Long-term cellulite reduction
• Only local anesthesia is required
• Minimal side effects
• Quick recovery

The minimally invasive Cellulaze procedure requires only a few small incisions. Therefore bleeding, scars and downtime are minimal. Most patients are able to resume their normal activities directly after the procedure.

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Park Avenue Cellulazeâ„¢ is a leading plastic surgery practice based in Manhattan, New York City (NYC) specialized in delivering safe, long-lasting Cellulaze cellulite treatment for women. The plastic surgeons at the practice offer a full range of plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancement procedures designed to improve the appearance of patients. They are committed to providing patients personalized care with the highest regard for quality. For more information or to schedule a consultation with the surgeons, call 1888-8-NYCSMARTLIPO. More information is available at

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