Phoenix Roof Repair Contractor Gives Advice on Storm Damage — Payne & Sons Roofing

25 Jan

One of the worst times to start roofing projects is during cold weather, like we are experiencing now, according to a spokesperson for Payne & Sons Roofing, Arizona’s leading roofing replacement and repairing specialist.

“Roofing in winter time is often more difficult than during summer time, due to the fact the cold weather can cause severe damage to shingles, especially if they are not securely laid down according to industry specification,” says Payne & Sons spokesperson. 

“When roofing materials are not properly laid down, plus if the right tools weren’t used, especially as it relates to installing roofs to withstand cold weather, then untold misery can be experienced by persons living in a home with a faulty roof,” adds the spokesperson. 

Roof Shingles Must Be Made To Stick Properly 

When roof shingles aren’t effectively stuck during construction, this could pose some degree of difficulty. What this means is that when adhesive used to affix tiles to the roof of one’s house, if it wasn’t warm to a steady 60 degrees F, it won’t be properly attached. In cold weather, this is not usually possible, and as a result, more expensive materials or tools will have to be used to get the shingles to firmly stay in place. 

“Lesson here is to first have certified and professional roofing specialist carry out the work on your roof, because they know the changing nature of the weather, they will make your roof weather proof – whether it be hot or cold time,” says the spokesperson. 

Think Safety First 

“Even though it is not the best time to affect repairs on your roof, if you’ll be doing it yourself, we advise that you consider safety first,” points out the spokesperson. “So, dress warmly, because it is usually much colder on the roof than when on the ground.” 

Wearing heavy footwear is also advisable, because according to the Payne & Sons source, these are great to use to dislodge pieces of debris or provide a firmer grip when on a shingled roof. 

“Thinner gloves also gives you a better grip with your fingers and hands; besides we advise that you have someone else accompany you at all times when working on your roof during cold weather times, because if you fall, there’ll be someone to come to your rescue or go get help,” says the source, whose company when called upon to fix one’s roof, says the customer will be in good hands. 

For further information, or to receive an honest and accurate roof repair quote based on what work needs to be done on one’s weather damaged or leaky roof, please contact the Phoenix storm damage roofing specialist at Payne & Sons Roofing Repair at 480-988-9250 or visit