(Submit Articles) One of the hardest things to think of when using fundraising calendars is the main subject or concept of your calendar layouts. Do you use models for your fundraising calendars? Are objects or animals better for your fundraising project?

If you do not really know and are clueless as to how to pick the best concept to sell your calendars, then you should read this guide. I am going to give you the right process and attitudes to adopt to decide on the best selling concepts for your fundraising calendars. Just follow the tips below and you should easily learn how to do it.

a. The all important market research ““ When picking the right concept for your custom calendar, even if it is not for fundraising, you should always do “that all important“ market research. Nobody goes to a battle without knowing something about his/her enemy and objectives. Knowledge can come a long way in achieving those objectives, and in calendar printing it is the same.

That is why you should always do some market research first. Try to determine first who exactly you want to sell your fundraising calendars to. Once set, try to see what exactly those people want to see in calendars, and the most likely topics and concepts that they are most responsive to. This knowledge will help you a lot in determining the best calendar design concept that you can use for fundraising calendars.

b. Deciding on plausibility and capability ““ Another thing that you should determine first when deciding on the design concept for your custom calendars is the plausibility and capability of actually developing the said design.

For example, let us say that in your research, you found that using cute animals is the best design concept for your calendars. You should ask yourself if you can actually deliver good high resolution pictures of cute animals for your design development. Do you have access to cute animals? Can you hire a person to do it for you? If it is hard or expensive to develop the design theme that you need, then it might actually be impractical to use that concept.

So before you go charging off on the first potentially effective design concept that you think of for your custom calendars, you may want to check first if you are indeed capable of developing it. Because, if it becomes costly and impractical, you might fail in the goal of actual fundraising. So study your options and capabilities before going for that good design concept.

c. Looking for related fundraising campaigns ““ It is also a good practice to look for related fundraising campaigns using calendars. Knowing how other people did it and their success rate is a good opportunity for learning. By figuring out the most effective concept designs, and the best markets to target for fundraising calendars, you can adapt your own custom calendars to take advantage of those proven concepts. Of course, you should not just copy what other related projects did. Just take the successful concepts that they used and apply a unique twist on your own.

d. Actual market testing ““ Finally, to really get a great concept for your fundraising calendars, you should not forget to do some actual market testing. You can actually try to print out some sample draft calendars and then see how some of your colleagues and friends react to it. You can even try to get reactions from random strangers if they like or dislike the calendar concept. Getting constructive feedback early on can allow you to refine your concept designs and develop a truly mature and fleshed out layout that will be effective for fundraising.

Great! Just follow the tips above and you should never get lost in developing the right concepts for fundraising calendars. With meticulous planning and discernment, you can easily develop really powerful custom calendars that will sell a lot and bring you those extra funds for your cause.

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