Bizerba delivers intelligent cutting machine A510 to Pierrat. The French butcher’s can cut larger quantities quicker, reduce the percentage of give aways thanks to the unique weighing function and can open up new markets.

Balingen, 28th June 2010 ““ The Pierrat butcher’s shop was founded in the Vosges Mountains in the North East of France in 1892. The company has been consistently expanding since then and produces a large range of products, which are made from 80% pork. Various regional tree variation mixtures are used for smoking. “We have a small handicraft structure and have to work with 20 different products all day long. Therefore the investment in the Slicer A510 by Bizerba gives us many practical advantages: Now we can cut much larger quantities than before all day long without difficulties“, explains Gerrart Pierrat, President Director General at Pierrat. The machine varies the cutting thickness during the process so that the specified weight is always achieved.

The slicer flexibly adjusts to the environmental conditions of the company, says Andreas Gmelin, Director of Food Processing at Bizerba. “Its integrated weighing function is unique worldwide. Even naturally grown meat products such as ham are weighed and cut precisely into portions according to the target weight. The Bizerba software continually compares the cut weight with the target weight and regulates the slice thickness during the cutting process, so that the specified weight is precisely achieved“. Gmelin clarifies the fact that this function quickly pays for itself particularly for large operations in the meat trade, with an example: “with uncalibrated products you can reckon with an average waste of 10%, which is additionally packed up free of charge. By using the weighing function this give away percentage is avoided. For products with a kilo price of €11 and a turnover of 10 tonnes per month, the manufacturer saves up to €11,000. Calculated over the year, this is a saving of around €130,000 which has a direct effect on the profit“.

The integration of weighing in the cutting and production process significantly accelerates the work process. Depending on the type of item to be cut, the number of slices, number of portions and slice thickness and storage method can be variably defined and saved in the machine. “In this way we can present our traditional meat goods to the customer in the nicest possible way. Thanks to this progressive technology, we not only save time and money, but are also able to open up new markets,“ continues Pierrat. The A510 is also easy to clean and maintain. The blade can be sharpened directly on the machine without dismantling, and the whole machine can be cleaned with just a few hand movements without a great deal of effort. This not only makes the process significantly easier, but also much safer.
The specialities of the Pierrat house include Fuseau lorrain, a Lorraine sausage, Sagarre terrine and especially blood sausage, which is specially made according to a family recipe.

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