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26 Mar


London – Betting on sports in the UK is perfectly legal, as long as certain guidelines are followed. There are number of sports which are very popular in the UK – Football, Cricket, Boxing, Golf etc – and large scale betting on all these sports happens regularly. Nowadays, most of the betting enthusiasts bet online. There are many great betting sites, using which people can place an online free bet. But most people do not know where to search. This is can help. This website provides information on betting, as well as links to good betting websites.


This website has a listing of all the prominent sports betting websites in the UK. makes sure to show only those websites which have a credible track record of being great platforms for sports betting. This is important, because there are many mediocre and even unscrupulous betting websites today, which either restrict the freedom of the customer to place bets, or siphon off the customer’s hard earned money in some way.  


Most bets today can be set for free. This is possible because of the fierce competition bookmakers have engaged in. The rise of the internet as the most major platform of transacting business has caused this competition to grow exponentially. In the end, the benefits only get passed on to the people who place bets, who can place free bets online, and almost always make a large profit. From the parent website, the customer can visit the betting websites to have a real look at the facilities they provide. The bookmakers nowadays provide bonuses on the initial deposit by the customer. The deposit is usually a very miniscule amount, which can be paid immediately after the initial registration. This scheme works superbly – every time the person wins any amount of money, a bonus gets added to his account. The bonus can be used to place even more free bet. The bonus is deposited each time without fail, which means that the person can keep placing free bets as long as he wins even a single penny!


If the customer at some point decides that he wishes to take a break from betting, he can take his deposit back, along with all bonuses he has earned from playing. These deposit bonuses will be valid whenever he decides to return to betting. Visit for more details.