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15 Feb

Plant Gurus, a site with a good amount of resources for everything related to plants, vegetables, and gardening in general has recently released a new article on the site titled as ‘How do you grow garlic- some important tips’. According to the site’s spokesperson, “Garlic being one of the most versatile vegetables, we felt that it is highly essential for people to get familiarized with the basics of growing them and getting the best use out of it.”


He maintained, “Indeed, planting garlic is very easy and only requires remembering and applying some simple instructions. To make it easier to learn, we have even posted a video that clearly illustrates planting garlic to harvesting and how they need to be stored. All these information will definitely help readers understand what should be done and those that should be avoided or prevented.”


The spokesperson also commented, “There is nothing fresher than harvesting organic garlic from one’s personal garden but all the outcome can really come down to how well they were planted in the first place. In between, proper care and nurturing of the garlic plant is vital too. This will decide the quality of the harvest.”


Sources say that articles like these will undoubtedly prove to be of great utility for people who are interested in planting garlic in their home gardens. In the past, the site had offered several types of articles based on gardening including flower gardening, herb gardening, landscaping, lawn care, pest and insects control, greenhouse, etc. Besides, the site is also a source for information about planting varied kinds of plants and flowers.


The spokesperson further added, “We hope to make our visitors and readers get equipped with as much knowledge as possible about planting and taking care of plants. Visitors can even subscribe to our newsletter and get frequent updates from Plant Gurus.” For more details go to


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How Do You Grow Garlic — Some Important Tips