14 Aug

Dr. Warren J. Katz, MD FACS says his practice has seen a seven percent increase in mini-Facelifts among younger women.
DALLAS, TX —Dr. Warren J. Katz MD, internationally and nationally recognized authority on Facelift procedures, says that more and more young women are opting for Facelifts. Dr. Katz attributes this growth to the growing acceptance of cosmetic enhancement, as well as new, more fine-tuned surgical techniques.
“Surgical techniques are much more refined than they use to be and we are able to develop a Facelift procedure that is suited to the individual’s needs, with a natural result.  This ability to personalize your procedure makes women feel more confident that they can have the results they desire.”
“Often, younger patients opt to have partial facelifts, instead of a full facelift. If a patient has significant ageing in one part of the face, we are able to perform a mini-facelift or necklift.”
Dr. Katz also notes the impact non-invasive procedures, such as Botox and fillers, have had on the increase in facelifts. According the ASPS, $5.67 million was spent on Botox in 2011, five percent up from 2012 and 621% since 2000.
“Originally, Botox and fillers caused a decline in facelift procedures. People were scared off by friends and celebrities whose faces looked pulled and unnatural. These people turned to injectables as an alternative to surgery. What people began to realize is that while injectables may enhance a facelift, they cannot replace one. With this newfound acceptance of facial fillers such as Juvederm and Sculptra, many women are more comfortable having surgical procedures.”
Dr. Katz notes that while facelifts are one of top most performed surgeries in his practice, they are typically performed on patients in their late 40s and older. It has just been within the last year that he has seen such an increase in women in their late 30s to mid-forties wanting facelifts.
Dr. Warren J. Katz, MD is a renowned plastic surgeon, board certified in both plastic and reconstructive surgery and Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery. As a leading expert in his field, he is regularly sought out for his opinions, appearing on television outlets such as CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS and has been featured in numerous publications, including Forbes Magazine, D Magazine, Star Magazine, Health and Fitness Magazine, the Dallas Morning News, People Newspapers, Paper City, and many others. Dr. Katz was also featured on the cover of Southwest Magazine, in a feature story entitled, “The New Rage: Cosmetic Surgery.” To learn more about Dr. Katz, please visit his website at
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