(Submit Articles) If you are looking for a cheap, cost-effective way to heat space in your home, why not try portable gas heaters? These heaters are considered to be 99 percent efficient, and are used in Asia, Europe, and in the United States.

Features And Benefits

Ventless gas heaters are a beneficial source of heat for a single room. They are economical and easier to install than traditional heating systems. The efficiency of a portable gas heater is much higher than that of a wood-burning stove, and propane and natural gas are very clean fuels, with low emissions. They are cleaner because they burn very consistently and use up almost all of the fuel.

A ventless gas heater has a ductless system, so it vents out into the area it is being used. But, the advantage is that these types of heaters do not use electricity and they save money on your electricity bills and offer comforting warmth at the touch of a button. You can create a hotspot in a particular area of your home, instead of heating up the entire space.

Ventless gas heaters are used by some as an alternative source of heat to heat up a cold space in a room. These heaters are available in many styles, including decorative types. Some are designed like gas logs, which give a rustic look by providing the look and feel of a fireplace in your room. The difference between gas heaters depends on the type of heating produced and some are free-standing or wall-mounted.

You get instant warmth, high heat output, easy mobility without any requirement for a socket, and no unexpected bills with these types of heaters.

Types Of Gas Heaters

* Blue flame heaters: These are wall-mounted or free-standing and have a ribbon-type burner.
* Gas logs: These are like blue flame heaters, but look like the traditional fireplace without the ash or dust.
* Radiant heaters: These have ceramic or porcelain plates that are designed to regulate the gas flow to heat up the plates through convection, much like a blue flame heater.

Selecting A Heater

If you want to select from the different types of portable gas heaters, you have to consider how you would be using it. Free-standing heaters are inexpensive and a great choice for some areas of your home. Garage heaters are great if you use your garage as a recreational space or as a craft area and an area to repair your home items, or care for your pet.

The choice of a portable gas heater depends on the primary usage and size of the area where you would be using it. These heaters have variations, based on the amount of energy consumed, the amount of heat provided (measured in BTUs), and the size of the room where it will be used.

When gas is delivered for your portable gas heater, the representative will carry out safety checks to see its overall condition and whether the back cover, hose, control tap, and fireguard are working. You should have regular checks-ups done by a qualified engineer. If you are trying to minimize your electricity bills, this type of a heater is the best for some areas of your home.

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