Preciseportions – But what exactly is portion control?

28 Mar

Porcelain dinnerware setPorcelain dinnerware set

It is said facts are sometimes stranger than fiction. Whoever said it probably knew what he or she was talking about – at least it holds true as far as human food consumption is concerned. Fact is, humans have begun eating more food than they need to. Higher disposable income has led to humans eating all sorts of exotic and ultra-rich food both at restaurants and at home. Portion sizes in restaurants and dinners too have undergone a dramatic upsizing. Each portion plate of food served at your local dinner probably can feed two if not more people. The smallest unit of readymade packaged foods too has undergone a sea change – there is enough food in it to feed more than one person. Businesses too are playing on the greed factor and instead of sticking to small quantities have begun offering super-sized packages. It is therefore not surprising to see a friend watching TV while eating chocolate ice cream from a large tub of ice cream meant for 10 people. Portion control was nowhere in sight. Ultimately, we all began to put on weight and the situation has reached epidemic proportions. Physicians and nutritionists have been crying themselves hoarse warning that unless we rediscovered and adopted portion control and reversed our lifestyle, we would be on a one-way ticket to the nearest morgue.

Those few of us who do decide to do something about the bulging belly, usually adopt some so called weight loss program or the other. Soon enough we realize that the only thing these weight loss programs are good for is to make our wallets leaner. Slowly but surely, people rediscover that there is no substitute for controlling the quantum of food we eat i.e. portion control for weight loss. Only portion control along with exercise will help us fight the battle of the bulge and undo the damage.

If you are amongst the fortunate few whose tummy is not yet bulging than too, you should adopt portion control because portion control is not just about limiting the food we eat. Portion control is also about eating the right foods in the right quantities and the best tool for this is to adopt the portion control plates, bowls and glasses. A portion control plate is a nifty device that helps to remind you that your health is of paramount importance. Usually 10 inches in diameter and made from Porcelain China, portion control plates have a delicate design that divides the plate into three (or sometimes four) parts. Each part is meant for a particular food group. The portion control plate therefore helps ensure you always eat a balanced meal and the quantum too, is appropriate.

Portion control can also be exercised when having soups and liquids because 8oz soup bowls and 10oz glasses are available. Always use the portion control plates, portion control bowls and glasses instead of eating direct from the tin or drinking directly from the cartoon or can. Even food that has been purchased from your local diner should be spooned onto the portion control plate or bowl. That way you do not end up overeating.

Without doubt exercising is vital to reverse the effects of years of overeating. However, adopting portion control is the first step towards getting our lives back.

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Healthy eating meal planHealthy eating meal plan