Pro Bodybuilder Mike Boyle Develops Body Building Brownie that Pumps Up Results

23 Jan

World Wide Web — January 23, 2013 The No Bull Bodybuilding Blog located at has never been squeamish about profiling great and big things meant to pump you up. It is also no secret that many GREAT things come in small packages. The new recipe for the easy to make low carb brownie, packs a punch with the bawdiest of bodybuilders.

The timely release of the brownie recipe is helping step up athletes in their game of gains. Getting on track and having a diet in place at the start of a New Year is challenging as people re-adjust their eating habits. The new brownie recipe is the perfect tool to easing into the program as it is not only nutritious but it also provides satisfaction.

Mike, the man with the recipes has populated the No Bull Bodybuilding Blog with a ton of healthy easy to make meals body builders can enjoy while leaning out. The recipes are located at

Pro Bodybuilder Mike Boyle is a man who knows his way around the kitchen. He loves to cook and he has discovered and created extremely interesting fare for athletes who want good taste while achieving timely results. Mike is also a twitter aficionado and he regularly tweets his favorite recipes to his following of dedicated fans. The fantastic, delicious meals are different because of the number of steps it takes to make them. They are much shorter than anything else in the class of bodybuilding type meals. Mike Boyle is creative. He’s dedicated. And some may say he is a chef!

Mike Boyle will be contributing many more recipes in the time to come and the No Bull Bodybuilding Blog welcomes him as an author who stands and delivers. The sensational Low Carb Body Building Brownie is just one significant healthy eating idea of many.

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