SoManyMp3 was established in September 2005, and within 3 months established great online presence in music promotion, among others. It had, by then, contracted with 17 record labels to exclusively distribute MP3. Today, within 4 years, it has reached a point where it provides contents through youtube promotion, myspace promotion, itunes promotion, as well as comedy promotion.


If you, as an artist, seek celebrity status you need to go for music promotion through SoManyMp3. Ensure that your songs are not demos and do not try to promote material that is weak in content. In such a case you will receive negative and not so good feedback. However, if you are not sure about your product and how SoManyMp3's audience will accept it, let it examine your product before you buy any plan.

You not only can promote your songs but your plays as well. This can be done through myspace promotion.

If you are seeking to promote your plays or going for comedy promotion, you need to ensure that you have high quality play material. SoManyMp3, in addition to music promotion, will promote your page so that it receives increased views, incoming friend requests, and comments about your plays and comedies.

Through SoManyMp3, you can also go for youtube promotion for your videos. It provides real traceable views about your video submissions. It helps promote your videos to increase views, subscribers, comments, as well as ratings.

YouTube offers different plans that can help bring in untargeted viewers, and increase the chances of receiving ratings, comments, as well as subscribers. It also offers a fully customized plan that allows you to purchase up to 500,000 views. You have the option of targeting a single country or over 25 different countries.

If you happen to have an album on iTunes, SoManyMp3 can help you increase your sales, ratings, reviews, as well as song listens through its itunes promotion program. At present this program is available in the North American territory only - the United States and Canada.

Though you can look forward up to a percentage from 2% to 3% conversion rate, SoManyMp3 does not guarantee this; you can expect this if your songs are in the Top 40 category. Ensure that your songs belong to the pop, dance, hip hop, R&B, soul, and rock genres - genres that normally appeal to youngsters in the 18 to 25 year age bracket.

Music promotion through the various plans offered by SoManyMp3 helps in tremendously increasing traffic.

SoManyMp3 Policies

There are certain policies that are applicable. You are entitled to having your goals met. If, for instance, your play goals are not met, then until the guarantee figure is achieved, the subscription would be extended. However, the amount of visits, friend requests, and comments cannot be guaranteed.

SoManyMp3 has certain refund policies for your music promotion and other promotional plans. Full refunds are only made prior to activation of the plan; otherwise the refund is on a pro-rata basis if the service has lasted for more than 7 days.

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