Bloomsbury, London, October 28, 2013: It is the responsibility of every individual and each of the companies to protect our environment by reducing the level of carbon. Proudly Carbon Neutral is one such company that inherits a truly carbon neutral approach. The website of the company demonstrates the approach that has been created for identifying those strategies that help in reducing carbon footprint by fitting well into the business plan of the companies thereby assisting them to become carbon-free while still developing and growing their business.

The company works with other partners such as Manager CO2 and Carbon Minded who even help in attaining the outcomes as set by the businesses. All of them when united, they design and implement an effective strategy for the benefit of a business in a green manner. So, a business or a company can be made carbon-free by adopting the approach set by these Green Organizations.

One can take help of the Carbon Footprint Calculator to calculate the carbon emissions that have been released to the environment because of the company’s business and operational activities. The first time users have to key in the country and then save the duration for which they wish to calculate their carbon footprint. This would then be saved so that information can be accumulated every year without keying in the information again. One can go to their website for calculating the carbon footprint and reducing the emission level by adopting any one of the strategies recommended there.

The company even provides projects related to Carbon Offsetting throughout the world that can suit the personal tastes and preferences of individuals. The website states that the offset projects of the company are verified and are in accordance with the carbon standards. These programs are said to be the proven ways of reducing greenhouse gas levels of the world carried out on a voluntary basis. One can learn more about such offset projects by visiting the link .

The company, Proudly Carbon Neutral , presents different articles or information posted by the authors on its blog. The companies and individuals can both go through the posts for enhancing their knowledge about climate change and the means to reduce the carbon footprints. It even reveals the carbon reduction strategies. One can view these posts by logging on to: .

About Proudly Carbon Neutral

Proudly Carbon Neutral works with a vision of helping individuals and businesses in lowering down their carbon footprints by employing strategies that help in managing carbon related issues comprehensively. The goal of the company is to provide green and sustainable measure to the worldwide companies. It provides effective consultation and innovative approaches so that the green agenda can be enhanced along with the business.

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