Psychological counseling in mumbai for Children

22 Mar

For people who have used counseling services, would know that it’s a totally different experience than any other inter personal relationship experienced. It’s a well balance between being professional with trust and confidentiality and deeper level of understanding with being non- judgmental. Overall it’s a safe place to handle someone’s concerns and difficult emotions. 

If a person is at a difficult juncture of life, it would be a good idea to actually consider counseling. They would commit some time and money on their personal empowerment which is much better than unhealthy coping mechanisms like comfort eating, stress shopping or being low on energy overall. 

Expert counseling is now available in Mumbai with Dr. Happy Life-center for counseling. This is a counseling center in Andheri west with a team of expert counselors, psychologists and hypnotherapists. So be it an emotional based counseling, or a psychological counseling, career counseling, child counseling, relationship issues, pre marital counseling, Dermatoglyphics DMIT, or teen age counseling its accessible in Mumbai with Dr. Happy Life. 

When it comes to career counseling in Mumbai, Dr. Happy Life provides different types of career counseling. One is the classic paper and pencil test but their unique questionnaire is designed to understand not just IQ but also personality and career motivation factors. They study how these factors combine together and make a person suitable for certain careers over others. If certain factors like presentation skills, low confidence etc are causing problems they are addressed in follow up counseling session. 

Dermatoglyphics DMIT is available in Mumbai with Dr. Happy life wherein fingerprint tests is used to identify a detail profile of a child’s IQ, emotional quotient, artistic quotient, spirituality, brain dominance and many other factors which will help understand a child’s unique strengths. 

Psychological counseling is available in Mumbai with Dr. Happy life wherein issues like anxiety, depression, phobias, addiction, weight issues, anger management, stress, etc. are addressed by skilled professionals. For a sound understanding of a problem it’s recommended to give them a call and talk to one of the psychologists. 

Child counseling is available in Mumbai with Dr. Happy life. Child therapist are highly skilled in understanding issues affecting a child and many a times the issues which would sound trivial to a normal adult would be the reason a child is actually upset about. A sound understanding of the child’s world would help the parents to adapt to certain strategies which would empower the child and ensure overall development. 

Healing and help is just a phone call away. At Dr. Happy life phone and online counseling is also an option for people who find it difficult to manage a face to face counseling. 

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