Many people do not realize that there are so many options available to them when they are in the market for doors. However, depending on your budget, your choices may or may not be slightly limited. Regardless of the amount that you have to spend, you are virtually guaranteed to find a door (or doors) that you absolutely love. Indeed, one of the newest trends in decorative doors involves faux stained glass these beautiful (and surprisingly inexpensive) doors can be utilized either inside or outside of your home (of course, to get the maximum benefit, you want them to be lit up in one way or another). Depending on the overall décor of your home, you may want to consider faux antique doors, even ultra-modern black enamel, or faux stainless steel doors.

If you are in the market for exterior doors, one of the most common and trendy things to do is to find a door that contrasts dramatically with the rest of your home\'s exterior. Bright blue and red (think primary colors) are both very popular when taking this decorative approach. Indeed, in suburban America, it is likely that approximately 15-20% of all single-family homes are sporting these brightly colored, seemingly out of place doors.

In addition to your door\'s decorative aspects, you are also going to want to consider its functionality and quality. Doors, like many other home improvement items, vary greatly in their quality. In addition, buyers can expect to get what they pay for. This means that if you are out to find the least expensive doors you can, you can expect them to be of lower quality than their more expensive counterparts. In addition, doors take more of a beating than many people realize. Therefore, any money that you may save initially may very well be lost when you have to replace your inexpensive doors sooner than you had planned.

In addition, when purchasing doors, hardware is very important. You do not want to skimp on cheap hinges and/or knobs, as they get so much use. Inexpensive hardware tends to wear out and/or malfunction much more rapidly than its more expensive, higher quality counterparts. On many occasions, you are able to purchase your doors and hardware together at a discount. However, if you choose to do this, you may have more limited options with regard to the hardware you are able to choose. It is of vital importance that you consider functionality, appearance, and quality in equal measure when you are choosing new or replacement doors for your home.

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