San Francisco, USA; 29th October, 2013: Audience response system or ARS software are fast becoming an integral part of any meeting or presentation. San Francisco Convention and Meeting Planners or SFCMP is now introducing brand new ARS software named Q-ARS. The system is created with the sole aim of enhancing interactive learning. A persistent doubt about whether any person is actually listening to them always prevails in the mind of every speaker, no matter how talented they are. Audience response system is a great way to find out the pulse of the viewers and change the topic based on their priority.

Off late several presenter tools are aiming in integrating audience response on the spot and communicating it directly to the speaker. But, most of these ARS are sophisticated software which requires expert assistance to use in live meetings. SFCMP’s Q-ARS is a revolutionary tool designed especially for interactive learning. The speaker can create their own questions and set a required time frame for the audience to answer starting from 10 seconds to 1 minute. The response given by the audience is correlated and presented to the speaker in no time. The speakers use the data to simplify facts and talk in a more useful way to the audience.

Developed by Shawn Finkelstein CMP, Q-ARS has simple user friendly screens which can be used by any person, capable of checking their emails. They can type in a number of questions along with the responses and program it to be send to the audience at certain intervals. As the meeting or the presentation proceeds, Q-ARS will question the audience regularly, gather their feedback and present it to the speaker. For example, a speaker talking about the latest mobile technology can easily find out how many people among the 50 listeners use android phones through a simple questionnaire. They can base their speech on answer gathered as there will be no use talking about iPhone to a room full of android users or vice versa.

Q — ARS interactive learning tool helps the lecturers check how far they have reached the students listening to them. The questions which pop up at regular intervals reveal how many students have captured the lecture properly. The lecturer can actually change their style or repeat certain concepts which haven’t been understood by many then and there. The students are coerced to give their full attention to the lecture. The same is applicable to any corporate meeting or major speech. The feedback of the audience about the discussed issue can also be gathered immediately.

Q — ARS audience response system is a boon for educators and any public talkers for that sake. Now they actually have a tool which reflects the mindset of the people sitting before them directly. This tool is available in their official website which presents easy screenshots to understand the concept. They also allow users to create a demo account and use the product before purchasing it. The tool can be used via internet in any device starting from smart phones to lap tops. It needs no installation or special download. There is no subscription fee or any special hardware requirement. This SaaS software stores all the data in the cloud which can be accessed anytime from anywhere in the world.

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