Radix’s VISO Device Management platform Announced as GESS Education 2017 Award Finalist

17 Jan

17, January 2017: In advance ofexhibiting the VISO multi-platform device management platform at BETT 2017, the Radix solution has already been announced as a GESS Education Award 2017 finalist.

To optimize and safeguard the use of mobile devices in education requires collaboration between governing bodies, teachers, technical administrators, and parents. Radix comprehensive Device Management solution recognizes and unites these four key stakeholders in the mobile device learning cycle. The VISO platform caters to the needs of all stakeholders in the child’s learning cycle, while streamlining and expanding mobile device learning, access and management.

Michael Shoham VP Global Business Development at Radix Technologies Ltd. elaborated on the concept behind VISO, “we want to focus on the learning potential offered by digital classrooms, transforming a challenging teaching and administrative environment into your school’s greatest learning resource. With VISO Parents, educators, administrators and managers join forces to create a safe and enriched online learning horizon.”

The VISO platform is particularly beneficial to educators and administrators. Empowering their day-to-day role in the digital classroom VISO enriches the student learning experience in and outside their classrooms. With one finger on the classroom pulse at all times, teachers can simplify digital classroom management, ensuring their students enjoy the benefits of mobile learning while staying on-task. In parallel, administrators faced with supporting the snowballing trend of BYOD or school subsidized technologies, can centrally and securely manage thousands of roaming devices, providing support in real-time and well beyond local network boundaries.

The robust cloud-based system is platform agnostic, ensuring that all technology purchasing trends are fully accommodated. Given recent developments in education, Chromebook support has emerged as particularly important. Michael Shoham explained why it was a priority to ensure VISO support for Chromebook. “We understand the enormous inroads Chromebook has made and will continue to makein education. Last year Chromebook sales overtook Apple and Microsoft for the first time. This rapid growth is expected to continue and this is mainly due to the product’s success in the education sector, particularly in North America. Like other portable devices, Chromebooks enable mobile, creative and collaborative learning. However, the inherently collaborative nature of Chrombooks, their ease of use, attractive price-point and the security of the operating system have helped them take a leading position in education.

Visitors to BETT this year are invited to the Radix booth A110 to experience the power of the VISO system first hand.

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