Seattle, Washington, November 5, 2013: The son of concert pianist Parrea Wilson, Bryant Michael Davis (a.k.a. D’Breeon) began his musical career at age six where he began playing piano and saxophone. While in college, Davis studied under renowned jazz bassist Richard Davis at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. During this period, D’Breeon composed pop tunes with his band called The Dans, and became well known as an energetic pop singer and ‘new school’ saxophonist. 

After graduating college and two years working as a producer and engineer in Chicago, D’Breeon moved to Los Angelus where he performed at the Sidewalk Café in Santa Monica and the Roxy and Gaylord in Beverly Hills. In addition to establishing a name for himself in the United States, D’Breeon also traveled to Dresden, Germany, where he performed at the Blue Note. 

Alongside his performing, D’Breeon also worked as an audio engineer for the Black Hole Studio where he worked with a variety of artists including Chi Sound Records, Altar Records, Masonic Music, Quick Silver and Big Sound Records. Snowballing from a successful L.A. tour, D’Breeon was given a distribution deal with Sly Doggie Productions/Universal Musical Group in 2012. 

“Where The Party” At provides listeners with a new glimpse into jazz. Classic piano and saxophone drive new school melodies and lyrical content, providing a bridge between old and new. D’Breeon’s experience as a music engineer and college graduate lends to the production of “Where The Party At”, which was produced using Pro Tools and Logic. The overall sound is crisp, well engineered, and pushes the boundaries of conventional jazz. 

His songs “Hollywood Swing” and “Something” off the album are currently under Grammy consideration on the first round ballot. Available on iTunes, CD Baby and his official site, For more information on D’Breeon, his latest album, and six previous studio releases, visit . 

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