(Submit Articles) Hair grows gray naturally due to various reasons like stress, heredity, illness, vitamin and nutrient deficiency. But the most important factor which turns our hair gray is the rapid decline in melanin which is responsible for pigmentation or color to the hair. The appearance of hair turns to gray when molecules of melanin separate from each other. Hair turns to gray when the production of melanin decreases. So if you want your hair to be in a good condition then try to increase the production of melanin in the body. Some of the main causes of gray hair are thyroid disorders, vitamin B12 deficiency anemia, smoking, early menopause and also vitigo which is a condition in which skin loses melanocytes and results into gray hair.

There are different natural remedies which are helpful in reducing the graying of hair.

1. Increase the intake of protein rich food like meat, lean, soy, eggs, whole grains and cereals.

2. Increase the intake of foods rich in iron, minerals and vitamin A and B like bananas, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, yoghurt, liver, dried apricots, kidney beans, oysters, eggs and sunflower seeds.

3. Prepare a paste of yoghurt, henna powder and fenugreek seeds. You can also use coffee, basil juice, mint juice and methi seed powder. Apply this paste on your hair and allow it to set for 3-4 hours then shampoo your hair.

4. Stress reduction is an easy and effective natural remedy for graying hair. Rest, exercises and meditations are also necessary to reduce the problem of gray hair. You must find different ways to reduce anxiety and stress as these things contributes towards the gray hair.

5. Massage the butter of cow's milk into the roots of the hair to prevent additional graying. First you have to melt the butter and then spread into the hair and its scalp at least twice a week and then rinse it properly.

6. You can also prepare a mixture of grated fresh ginger and honey. Mix these ingredients and set aside in a container. Take one teaspoon of this mixture every day. It is also an effective remedy for gray hair.

7. Application of coconut oil is also very effective. Massage the coconut oil on the scalp each night before going to bed and wash it in the morning.

8. The other effective remedy for treating premature graying is Indian gooseberry. You can also cut gooseberry and dry into the sun and then take it regularly.

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