Reliable Scrap Metal Recycling Services In London & Surrey By SimVic

13 Jun

Recycling is becoming an increasingly important issue as more and more people care about the environment. It’s not always easy, however. Not every rubbish removal company offers to handle the recycling of any waste, while difficult waste like scrap metal can be especially difficult to dispose of. That’s what SimVic Scrap Metal Recycling was created for.

SimVic Scrap Metal Recycling started out back in 2006 as a small family business and has since gained plenty of valuable experience in the field of recycling. With a great emphasis on a fair and reliable customer service, the company has managed to expand its client base to over 10,000 clients.

Reliable prices

SimVic’s price listing is dependent on stock market listings, and you will always be informed about the current price when you decide to drop off your scrap metal. And if you’re planning to remove a large amount of scrap with us, the price is open to negotiations, while removals in bulk come in special offers.

Trustworthy service

SimVic has been operating on the market for over 10 years. Aside from the valuable experience, we’ve gathered a reliable team consisting of:

- Seven drivers
- Six workers responsible for junkyard work
- Five office workers
- Two eBay salespeople responsible for selling second-hand car parts

Every member of the SimVic team has worked in the business for many years, possessing tons of valuable experience that helps us provide a level of service that few other company can offer.

With our six vans, we can provide reliable services all over London and Surrey, regardless of what specific service you’re looking for:

- Scrap metal exchanged for cash
- Car scrap collection and purchase
- Free scrap collection
- Second-hand car part purchase
- Granulation products, including plastic and copper granules
- Purified metal collection services

Whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to dispose of copper turnings, aluminium, bronze, platinum, heavy brass, or any other type of metal, SimVic can recycle it for you completely free of charge. We aren’t just metal collectors — we are also scrap metal merchants. If you visit our junkyard, we can weigh your metal on the spot and pay you back based on its weight.

Company: Simvic Limited
Address: Unit 4, Ford Road, Fordwater Trading Estate, Chertsey, KT16 8HG, Surrey, London, UK
Office: 01932570757
Radoslaw: 07886625106
Dariusz: 07877412442