Laser toner cartridges can be expensive. If you are tired of paying the price for new ones, consider purchasing a remanufactured version.

When you have an empty cartridge, do you throw it away or do you ship it back to the company for recycling? A number of companies include a postage paid box for shipping the cartridge to be recycled.

Instead of breaking down the plastic and reusing it in some other product, as is done with most recycled plastics, the cartridge can be cleaned and refilled. That’s what remanufacturing companies do.

The cartridge is checked for breakage or other kinds of damage that might cause leaking. It is tested to be sure that it works correctly. Then, it is put in new packaging and sold to a consumer at a considerably lower price than the all new versions.

In order to make a new cartridge, a company needs new plastic. The plastics are created using petrochemicals, which are derived from petroleum or crude oil. Knowing that our sources of oil are unlimited and it is still the primary fuel source used in many countries, cutting back on the petrochemical products that we use every day makes sense.

So, remanufactured laser toner cartridges are an environmentally friendly alternative, as well as being a cost-effective one. If you own a small business or work in an office that runs through these items on a regular basis, you could really reduce your costs by buying remanufactured.

You can buy a remanufactured cartridge to fit HP, Elite, Lexmark or IBM models. Brother, Panasonic, Canon and other name-brands are also available in remanufactured inkjet cartridges, laser toner cartridges and other products as well.

You can also order a remanufactured cartridge for the printer in your home or office. If you give them a try, you may be surprised at how good the quality is. You may end up wondering why you would ever pay more for an original equipment item.

Remanufactured ink jet and laser toner cartridges are becoming increasingly popular. That’s a good thing for the environment and for the pocketbook. As more people are buying them, the remanufacturers are able to lower their prices even more.

The more we are able to use recycled materials in our homes and offices, the less trash there will be in our landfills. If you think that we are not running out of space, then why do we have to keep building more of them?

Remanufactured laser toner cartridges are certainly not the only solution, but they are definitely a part of it.

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