Researchers Investigate The Anti-Catabolic Effects Of Curcumin

27 Jan

Orlando, FL — January 27, 2015 — Curcumin is one of the most popular phytochemicals nowadays. It is found in the ancient, medicinal spice called turmeric. There are many therapeutic benefits believed to be offered by this powerful natural ingredient. Many of these benefits are being studied by the most reliable scientists from around the world.

Researchers investigate the anti-catabolic effects of curcumin. A catabolic state is a condition that results from excessive training plus inadequate nutrition, such as low intake of protein. It can result in various unpleasant effects, such as sleeplessness, joint and muscle pain, and extreme fatigue.

A catabolic state is highly associated with cortisol, which is a catabolic hormone. Intense workouts are believed to encourage the increase secretion of cortisol. It is the adrenal glands that secrete cortisol to replenish the loss of muscle tissue.

While many people believe that working out helps them build muscles, what is truly happening is that cortisol is replacing the loss of energy in their bodies. This is the reason why intake of carbohydrate and protein is vital for building muscle.

Overtraining can also weaken the immune system and body, and thus, individuals who engage in intense workouts or training can be more susceptible to the common cold such as influenza and other ailments. They can take measures believed to be helpful for avoiding a catabolic state.

Intake of proteins, carbohydrates, and a protein drink is believed to be helpful to avoid lethargy. There are beverages that help the body secrete growth hormones, which take care of repairing the muscles in the body.

According to studies, curcumin has the potential ability to inhibit the degradation of protein after an injury, and in cases where people experience cachexia or general muscle wasting. These studies suggest that this phytochemical demonstrates its anti-catabolic effects.

Curcumin intake is also believed to decrease post-exercise inflammation as well as markers of muscle damage. It is also thought to enhance exercise recovery and reduce muscle atrophy. Researchers suggest that curcumin’s anti-catabolic effect may make it beneficial for helping people add lean mass and recover from exercise.

The researchers thus conclude that due to the anti-catabolic effects of the natural ingredient, curcumin supplementation could potentially be helpful for promoting muscle growth and recovery.

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