Riding is better than Driving with Airwheel Z3 Two-wheeled intelligent electric hoverboard

08 Feb

08, February 2016: Driving is a very common and ordinary daily alternative transport for many families, however, people are already fed up with the traffic congestion or the hustle and bustle of the chaos. Comparatively, scooter riding is a more relaxing and flexible way of daily commuting to many people living in the city. And here is a story from an Airwheel Z3 electric scooter rider who used to drive cars for daily commuting.


The male rider once was a resistant driver who seldom thinks about other ways of alternative transports. But one day, his life began to change with a new Airwheel Z3 two-wheeled electric motor that given by his wife. Then his daily life had been improved significantly with the tiny and flexible Airwheel Z3 two-wheeled scooter.

Previously, he had a habit of driving to work and going to any places by driving. Although he was anxious about the traffic congestion, he didn’t know a better way of alternative transport. He didn’t know riding could be better than driving until he got his Airwheel Z3 two-wheeled electric scooter from his wife. At first, he could hardly believe this tiny and delicate two-wheeled scooter would works for him, but after several ridings with Airwheel Z3 electric motor, he had to admit that riding could be a better choice for daily commuting.


With the tiny and flexible Airwheel Z3 two-wheeled electric scooter, he no longer sits for a long time during the driving, instead, he is able to keep a comfortable standing-posture riding. What’s more, he is totally free from the anxiety of traffic congestion and can enjoy a freer and smoother riding experience. Due to the small size of the Airwheel Z3 two-wheeled electric scooter, he is no longer worried about finding a parking lot and can take the small-sized Z3 wherever he goes. And he is able to enjoy a labor-saving riding because the Airwheel Z3 is electric powered.

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