A running machine hire option is the Ultim8 Fully Commercial Treadmill is one of the most luxurious and best looking treadmills available in the industry today. It contains a 5 Hp AC Motor, which is reckoned to be better, stronger and more reliable than the DC motor, a large running deck with an orthopaedic belt. For a client to be able to hire the treadmill for twenty eight weeks, the fee is sixty Euros a week, while it is fifty Euros a week to hire it for fifty two weeks. The delivery charge is a hundred and twenty Euros. The fifty two week hire package has a free swap option, whereas the twenty eight week option does not have that option.




For Treadmill Hire, the Active8 Deluxe Treadmill- Light commercial version is the company’s premium light/ domestic commercial treadmill. The features of the treadmill include: the calorie counter, the heart rate monitor, the electric incline. It also has a powerful motor coupled with a solid build of very high quality. It can be easily folded up when it is not being used and its deck possesses a drop feature and it is low mounted so that it can also be perfect for tall users. Serious athletes and beginners as well can be able to make use of this treadmill.




To have the Vibration Plate Hire, the client can have the Ultim8 Vibration Plate PRO. The Vibration Plate PRO has a power vibration plate, and it is regarded as among the best. It is a fully commercial machine usable in leisure centres and busy gyms. A DVD, training poster and top mats come along with the machine. The machine is strong and smooth and is not very recommended for home use due to its size.