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UK based ethical retailer to put smiles on Southeast Asian faces in December

Glasgow, United Kingdom, November 8th, 2010 ““ UK based ethical retailer Saffron Winds (http://www.saffronwinds.com) is to put a smile on more than just British faces this Christmas. Saffron Winds, which sells only ethical gifts sourced from properly paid and subsidised trades people in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia, is promoting a range of gorgeous handbags, scarves and home ware that should bring delighted smiles all around the UK on Christmas day ““ and in the co operative work houses and worker’s charities in Southeast Asia that the site supports.

Every item of clothing, every scarf, every handbag and every household ornament or item on the Saffron Winds site is guaranteed 100% ethical. All of the stock is sourced from a range of worker’s co operatives that are run without any infringement from external officials ““ which means that every penny paid here is translated into the right quantity of money to pay a decent living wage to the person that made the item. The ethical gifts on the Saffron Winds site, then, are a lot more than just beautiful presents. They represent a chance to choose ““ to buy with confidence, to shop knowing that the money one is using is going back to the people who need it; the people who deserve it; and the people whose children may stand a chance of a better future because they have had it.

Ethical gifts are extremely fashionable this year, as the British public wakes up from the hangover of the excessive consumerism and greed that has characterised the last 20 years. As such, Saffron Winds stands in a favourable position ““ a place where it can make money for the right causes, and grow its own business into a real name in the fight for change.

About Saffron Winds
Saffron Winds is a UK based ethical fashion and gifts retailer. They deal in jewellery, homeware,, scarves and a wide range of recycled fashion and accessories.

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