Shuttle in the crowded with golden technologies Airwheel X3

23 Feb

23, February 2016: In most people’s impression, electric unicycle is widely enjoyed by those who are keen to adventures and challenges. The mass hold the idea that the one wheel scooter can only be the young’s plaything to show their individuality and personality. In addition to that, it can be people’s daily commuting partner and you can shuttle in the crowded with Airwheel X3 self-balancing electric scooter. It is time to make a change in your commuter life. From now on, there is no more queues and waiting around.


Airwheel X3 self-balancing electric scooter is built with durable and reliable materials, making it ideal for users approaching an Airwheel: an extremely resistant shell provides protection against damage from bumps and scratches caused by beginners, maintaining its original charm. Airwheel X3 single-wheeled electric scooter bases its motion on a monowheel system that gives the vehicle an extremely manoeuvrable feel and response to controls timely and accurately, making it ideal for even the liveliest riding style riders.

Its lightweight construction, small size and convenient carry handle allow Airwheel X3 electric one wheel to be used in different environments, since it can be transported effortlessly even on metro, office, classroom or shopping mall, and be stored with ease into car truck and working places, making a seamless point to point connection achievable, and enjoyable.


The battery mounted on Airwheel X3 one wheel scooter is certificated with CE, RoSH, UN38.3, MSDS with 1,800 recharge times, 3.8 times life expectancy and 2.9 times duration of ordinary lithium batteries. Just ride along without worrying about battery burning or explosion. Airwheel X3 single-wheeled electric scooter is featured by the exclusive four-fold protection mechanism, including tilting protection, speed control, low battery protection and warning. The mini size and comprehensive protection measures of Airwheel X3 electric unicycle has guaranteed riders to shuttle in the crowded freely and safely.

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