Siemens DCA Vantage Offered for Sale at Block Scientific

28 Aug

As a leading lab equipment supplier, Block Scientific provides a range of laboratory equipment to hospitals and laboratories all over the world. One of the finest products offered is Siemens DCA Vantage, a diabetes system that delivers clinically proven, clinically relevant HbA1c and A: C ratio results.

The DCA Vantage analyzer is simple enough to use in an office lab, and yet powerful enough to deliver lab-quality performance in point-of-care coordinated sites.

This analyzer can monitor glucose levels with unparalleled precision, accuracy and ease. It comes with new advanced features such as flexible patient result recording options and patient trending graphs. This gives the power to:

• Track patients more comprehensively
• Detect even minor changes in HbA1c levels
• Recommend the most effective treatment plan
• Greatly improve decision making

One year manufacturer warranty is offered for this product. The company offers both new and recertified equipment to meet the diverse budget requirements of healthcare entities. Block Scientific has on staff factory trained technicians to provide installation and maintenance support for their products.

About Block Scientific

Block Scientific is a New York based laboratory equipment provider offering state-of-the-art new and reconditioned laboratory equipment. Established in 1980 and with over thirty years experience, Block Scientific has in stock an extensive selection of medical lab equipment, reagents, and controls from the industry’s most respected manufacturers. The product line includes: blood gas analyzers, electrolyte analyzers, chemistry analyzers, immunology analyzers, Siemens DCA Vantage, hematology analyzers, coagulation analyzers, microscopes, centrifuges, and much more.For more information, visit :
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