Silver, whose atomic symbol Ag, is very malleable and ductile metal. It means it can be pulled into wire or hammered into thin sheet. It is a grayish white metal. The word \'silver\' is used to describe its color or \'shade\' of grey.

In its pure form, silver 925 is a soft metal, which is easily damaged. In order to increase its strength silver 925 is alloyed with other metals. Although any metal can be added, but most popular is cooper. It improves durability and strength without effecting too much it\'s beautiful color and sheen. Silver is the best conductor of all metals. It is also more reflective than gold and can achieve the most brilliant polish. Because of its attractive properties silver is used in many industries.

The most popular silver used for jewelry is \'sterling silver\'. It is composed of 92.7% silver and 7.5% of cooper or other metals. Sterling silver is stamped with the following quality marks:

“¢ sterling silver;
“¢ sterling;
“¢ ster;
“¢ .925

Silver has been always in fashion. It can be casual and comfortable for everyday wearing, it is also very popular metal for most designer and fashion jewelry.

Gem-Fashion offers an huge selection of designs, from high-fashion gemstone jewelry, bold and dramatic to traditional wedding bands, which will allow you to build a large and individualized silver jewelry wardrobe for your every mood, style and budget. Sterling silver can be enjoyed a life time, and being a precious metal it is more affordable than gold and platinum. The price of the silver jewelry is most affected by a design and skills of a craftsperson. Please visit our page for current prices for silver.


Just following simple steps will make your silver jewelry last a lifetime. Always keep your jewelry separately, preferably in a cloth pouch or jewelry box in order to prevent scratching and tarnishing. Always avoid exposing it to household chemicals, such as bleach or chlorinated water.
It\'s normal for silver to tarnish when it reacts with sulfur or hydrogen sulfide in the ambient air. It can be easily removed by polishing with cloth or solutions specifically formulated for silver cleaning, which can be found in any hardware store.

This is just a brief advise, please read a very interesting article about silver cleaning.

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