Smart Restaurant Management System Digitizing Fine Dining

16 Nov

Using a smart phone app restaurant POS system might be just the feature you need to attract more customers. Following the hike in service tax last year, eateries all over are adapting to digitization for upgrading their business.

Since last year, service tax for full service restaurants hiked substantially from 12.4% to 14%. This significant increase resulted in increased costs of fine dining, and as a direct effect, the industry as a whole suffered from dwindling customer base. Organizations such as the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) remain highly active digitally. Restaurateurs can get all the news about latest happenings in the sector by visiting the site and subscribing to the official newsletter. It is interesting to note the activity in digital level because food service, unlike many other businesses, need to depend upon offline business instead of e-commerce. However, in this era of smart digital business, any eatery can conglomerate the best of both worlds by using a restaurant management system app.

Despite the rise in service tax, the fine dining industry projects an imposing growth rate up to 4.98 trillion by 2021 as per NRAI. A sophisticated smartphone app can definitely serve as a game changer by virtue of its excellent features. The comprehensive app effectively connects the digital experience to the real by transferring all the formal protocols onto a virtual experience, leaving only the enjoyment of dining as real. A customer can check out the menu at preferred service points and even the availability of tables at the restaurant. Restaurants can also promote their special dishes for the day. The customer can merge tables or cancel orders at the last minute, wherever possible, or ask for home delivery.

The key benefits of the app does not limit up to ordering from the comfort of your home. In fact, its services are more prominent when you actually visit the diner. As you already booked the table online, there is no need to stand in a queue. Inside the eatery, you can use the software to keep track of the order and communicate to the waiter. The point of service application efficiently connects all the elements of delivering impeccable dining service. Waiting for the dish to arrive can definitely cause impatience for many people. With this app, you keep track of the progress of preparation at its kitchen POS. In case, you need to add something extra to the dish, do it by a few touches on your phone screen.
Furthermore, the restaurant POS system enables customers to select a hassle free payment system. It makes carrying cash redundant as you can pay the bill with your card. Card payments are definitely going to be major trends given the recent major developments in the Indian economy. Leave a feedback about the dining experience and avail the benefits of specialty dishes as valued customers.

The comprehensive app enables everyone, not only the customers. The waiter and the kitchen staff feel more connected to the service chain. The systematic processing of food orders in the line helps to avoid confusion and deliver orders on time. The manager benefits from the extensive analytics features. The management can keep track of the business progress over broad perspectives such as seasonal variations in demand. Narrower outlooks, such as the data for daily transactions are also available easily.

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