SOCAL Detox — A different approach

11 Mar

The increase of addiction continually rises year after year. It’s no wonder the recovery based medical industry parallels this unfortunate reality by more and more treatment facilities emerging across the nation. Although there are numerous options and combinations of treatment paths, there is a basic pattern of addiction treatment. 

If necessary, a person may spend anywhere between three to fifteen days in a detoxification pro-cess where the main goal of treatment is to assist the move from lethal alcohol consumption and or physically dependent drug addiction to a physiological state that is stable and free of the physiological components of their addiction. This can be achieved with or without medically su-pervised medications in a hospital unit or a residential facility. The second common phase is rehabilitation. This usually occurs over a thirty to ninety day period. This is where psychological therapy is utilized in individual, group and sometimes family settings. A twelve step program is also included along with other types of support. This is a crucial stage as patients learn the causes of their addictions and coping skills to prevent relapse. Once treatment has been completed, many in recovery often utilize the numerous sober living homes for up to a year. This provides a trustful and safe environment where individuals can continue to adjust to their new life while having a baseline support system and continued structure. 

And as in any other industry, there there exists different levels of service. There are standard places that offer the basic services, are run by licensed and qualified staff, are relatively clean. There are also locations that are more lower income, still fully licensed but the locations and overall service can be mediocre at best. Then of course there the upscale premium locations. These usually are cash only, upwards of $10,000 a day depending. These entities are usually located in beautiful areas, offer a wide range of premier level services including tailored menus provided by professional chefs. 

Ninety percent of the time, it’s the only the long range treatment center that is contacted and who coordinates detox if necessary as well as the sober living component if requested. This would seem to make sense only this type of model may be contributing to the well known low rates of success when it comes to addiction treatment. Unfortunately, more often than not, the quality of detox and sober-living environments can suffer as they sub out that portion with the remaining budget that is established for the entire insurance approved treatment. Another component that suffers is the social bond that many form in the first phase of detoxification. It has been shown that the continued social bonds developed in detox greatly increase the chances of a successful rehabilitation phase as those new and supportive relationships are carried over. The sudden loss of these relationships can actually lead to an additional trauma for the new patient. 

So for whatever reason, if for self or someone else, one has to sit dow and navigate the complex world of recovery – it can be overwhelming. This reality is not lost on the staff at SoCal Detox. “We want to forge a new methodology in the recovery field” says John Hernandez, Chief Operations Officer. ” Our mission is to take on the individual struggling with addiction, medically evaluate and stabilize, then assist in tailoring a unique and specialized program that works for their specific conditions and background”. John continues, “This is the most effective time to truly evaluate our patients not only from a psychological perspective but also a medical perspec-tive over a period of days and then deciding on appropriate treatment.” SoCal Detox strives to provide cutting edge services within a culture that is not only safe, warm and professional but also provides a foundation for the entire recovery period of the patient. John adds, ” our patients want to stay together and if possible move into the next phase of treatment together, we work hard to provide that option”. 

SoCal Detox is setting a new standard in the addiction treatment community by utilizing a state of the art location, premium medical services, excellent staff and fostering a culture that is well received and greatly appreciated by their patients. 

SoCal Detox is located in San Clemente California. They are a ambulatory medical detoxification residence that also designs entire treatment paths for their patients.