SoCal Detox offers safe and highly monitored DeTox environment.

11 Mar

“We are a cut above the rest” states John Hernandez, Chief Operations Officer of SoCal Detox. 

“Many people are not aware that detox from an addictive substance has many potentially life-threatening effects. We offer a safe and highly monitored detox environment that is designed for the most comfortable physical detoxification process possible” adds John. 

SoCal Detox

Environment is important. SoCal Detox is a premier ocean view property, located in San Clemente, California, is small and private, offering a non-threatening harbor for the first step to sobriety: detox. 


As a detox-only facility, residents of SoCal Detox are assured complete and highly expert attention through the duration of the detoxification. Every step is carefully monitored by experienced specialists who offer support and guidance as residents manage withdrawals and substance cravings. 

SoCal Detox believes in offering focused, specialized, and highly monitored attention in order to ensure the safety and comfort of each person under our care during the process of detoxifica-tion. 

Their facility is a combination of breath taking views, a culture that is well liked by their patients and a state-of-the-art facility. SoCal Detox provides their patients with an environment that offers an entire panoramic of the Pacific Ocean. “Our patients often spend hours just sitting and watching the incredible beauty this location has to offer, not to mention the sunsets.” 

The SoCal Detox culture is different as well. It can be best described as warm, professional, calm, and down to earth. This is exemplified by their hand picked medical and psychological staff and is reflected down to the patients themselves. It seems to grow on everyone who experiences SoCal Detox. The culture is ranked as the number one reason of patient satisfaction. 

SoCal’s location is a state-of-the-art R3.1 rated facility. With a new fire control and carbon mon-oxide system, on site defibrillators and twenty four hour medical trained staff, patients and their families that they are not only in a healthy culture but a safe facility. SoCal Detox prides itself on maintaining the highest levels of safety standards that are a level above the rest. 

SoCal Detox receives patients from all over the United States, Canada and Europe. Travel is easy access via Orange County airport and complimentary shuttle service to the SoCal Detox facility. 

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