Solar Orange County, an Irvine based company, is offering incentives on different types solar purchase agreements. Solar federal tax credits are also available. Irvine, CA, may,1, 2012- solar orange county is one of the orange county’s leading home and commercial power improvement service provider. Recently the company came to the lime light with its new services as it is offering incentives and solar federal tax credits for both commercial and personal purposes. According to the reports, the 85% of the solar power implantation in the United States is seen in California. The company is thus offering federal tax credits so that the property owners can benefit from the installation. The company is also offering low cost financing utility rebates, solar rebates for the property owners in California. “It is a great approach by the company. This federal tax credit service that the company has introduced recently, makes it possible for the Californians to invest in capturing sunshine,“ explained one of the officials of the company proudly. The owners of the company are assuring that they will continue with this service in coming years as well. The purpose of developing such an innovative service is to keep the orange county and its surrounding area green ad healthy. The company is offering solar power incentives in three ways. That are- Rebate for State Solar Energy, Solar Tax Credit Federal, and Long Term Saving from the Cost of Energy. The last one is for them who are operating power systems (Solar) in San Diego area. San Diego users of solar powers now can avail the facility to run solar electricity orange county at a very or almost zero investment. The federal law for solar energy credit has changed in the year of 2008 and the company is using this law to benefit thousands of San Diego customers with their services. Due to the enforcement of this law, it is now quite possible for the property owners, who want to install the solar panel systems, to demand for a considerable credit and this company has been the first one to offer the credit. “A client can reap several benefits from solar rebates california. According to laws of ITC or investment tax credit both the commercial and residential solar panel installation have been entitled to the 30% federal investment (tax credit). That is why a property owner can claim 30% cost of the entire installation as a credit,“ commented the CEO of the company. The owners of the company thus help one to understand the importance of taking the federal solar tax credit. In their opinion, most of the property owners confuse the credits with the write offs but actually there are lots of difference between the two. “It will be better if the property owners decide to combine the state rebate for energy with the tax credit. It will help the client to save almost 40% from the entire installation budget,“ added the CEO. The owners of the company have also introduced an advanced customer care service so that the client can receive the best possible services from them. “The purpose of introducing this service is to learn directly from the consumers about the short comings and to improve the skill for betterment,“ reported one of the officials of the company. To know more about their services please visit: Or, Refer to Sullivan Solar Power 18 Technology Drive, Suite 114 Irvine, CA 92618