Bedford Heights, Ohio, April 18, 2012: Southeast Metals, a leading scrap metal company, announces its new partnership with Go Green PC, a full-service scrap recycling facility in Ohio. With this partnership, Southeast will help its clients recycle their electronic waste, comprised of desktop and laptop systems, television, fax machines, cameras, MP3 players, CRT monitors and more, in the most environment-friendly manner.

Electronic waste requires special recycling processes because they contain dangerous elements, such as lead, mercury and chromium. With Southeast Metals’ e-waste recycling Go Green PC“ services, clients can maximize their returns on unwanted IT assets, decrease hardware ownership costs, contribute to environmental protection and demonstrate social responsibility and environmental safety. Besides, clients also enjoy end-to-end accountability, logistical support, data security, proper disposal and indemnification against environmental compliance risks. Here is what a company executive says about their services: “We don’tprovide next day apologies, just same day results,“ and adds, “people are our priority.“

The company is proud of many value add services including its customer-friendly staff that provides help in unloading and sorting, easy in and out access inside the facility; and a welcoming atmosphere that reinforces the core value; customers are business partners. The company is also easily accessible from major freeways and also provides next-day service for container pickup.

This is what a senior company executive says about their role: “We will have a positive impact on the economy in the community, bringing more business to the area. One aluminum can recycled becomes a new can within 6 weeks, and turning a recycled can into a new can requires only 5% of the energy needed to make a new can from bauxite. That one can will light a 25 cfl bulb for over 14 hours. Every pound of steel recycled saves 5450 BTUs of energy. That energy alone could power 1 15 watt fluorescent light for over 100 hrs.“ The company is open seven days a week and has A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Following its recent expansion, the company will be breaking ground on a new building in late summer or early fall 2012.

About Southeast Metals: Southeast Metals is a professional scrap metal company in Ohio that recycles waste innovatively to ensure environmental conservation. With its decades of industry experience, Southeast Metals serves both residential and commercial customers in the region.

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