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Top notch property agent holds keys to city for discerning clients

London, United Kingdom, November 19th, 2010 ““ London property agent Spencer James (www.spencer-james.co.uk) has popped the recessionary property bubble by concentrating on finding the best properties in the best areas: Chelsea; Notting Hill; Docklands; Central London; Bayswater; Knightsbridge. The list of desirable locations in the capital city goes on, every one a gem and every one exclusive to the books of one of London’s well known agents. Looking for a flat to rent in London is, with Spencer James at the helm, a rare pleasure ““ a tour through the byways and back waters of some of London’s most beautiful, prosperous and memorable areas ““ with enough choice of flat type and location to suit even the most precise tastes.

Want a central City mews? Spencer James can provide one. How about a professional flat in one of the new Surrey Quays, Docklands, or Galleon’s Reach areas? Spencer James is there to sign the deal up, pass over the key and watch you walk into your new wonder land. London is full of incredible flats and amazing places to live ““ as long as you know who to go to, to get that place at the right terms. And that, of course, is where Spencer James comes in.

Spencer James (www.spencer-james.co.uk/Webpage/111/Rent.aspx) has achieved this status, as the supplier of some of the finest flat for rent in London opportunities you’re ever likely to see, by operating a strict policy of independent trading and extremely responsible letting. Some of the best private estates and individuals in the capital come hand in hand with Spencer James ““ and that means most of the really good lets end up on its books. Anyone looking for a flat to rent in London, then, has two choices ““ do it the hard way, and get something OK; or do it the Spencer James way and get something amazing.

About Spencer James
Spencer James is an independent London property agent offering some of the best deals in acquiring property for sell or rent in London and in the surrounding city areas.

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