(Mass Media Release) Marketing any type of medical practice is difficult to do in a tasteful manner. One method that’s receiving positive results is through sponsored editions of children’s books. It’s especially popular with family practices.

With a sponsored edition, the physician, dentist, clinic or hospital information is featured on the book’s back cover or discussion page. Alan Jordan, author of the children’s book, “The Monster on Top of the Bed,“ is one of the authors whose book lends itself easily to such methods.

The back page of the book is typically customized to include information about your practice, but you can also choose to modify one of the front pages or page 33, specifically. Information can include discussion questions that relate to your practice, a personal letter, information about a specific product or service, or general information about your practice.

Sponsored editions can be provided in the waiting room for children and parents to read, or copies can be distributed to new patients. The book can even be mailed to patients as a thank you or a reward for youngsters to promote return visits. Some medical practices prefer to keep a supply of books on-hand to sell to patients who love the story and artwork. Sponsored editions can also be donated to service clubs such as the Kiwanis or Rotary clubs for use as a fundraiser. There’s really no limit to the ways a medical practice can utilize the book for promotional purposes.

Utilizing sponsored editions has the advantage of reaching parents while also engaging children. Building pleasant memories for children at the doctor’s office can have far-reaching results. The children of today are the parents of tomorrow, and a sponsored edition can lead to continuity of care with the children of your current patients.

The book engages children with the story of a diminutive monster named Karrit, who lives under the bed of a little girl named Suzy. The monster is more afraid of Suzy than she is of him, and he calls her the monster on top of the bed. It’s a charming story that shows children that there’s nothing to fear in the unknown. The book also includes a rhyme that children can recite to banish the monster under their own bed.

Jordan’s book can be especially compelling for children waiting to see their doctor or dentist. Every physician knows the fear that a visit to the doctor’s office can engender in young children and the book can help allay those fears. We’ve all seen children tightly clutching a favorite toy or book on their way to the examination room. Those children could be clutching their very own copy of “The Monster on Top of the Bed,“ compliments of your practice.

For more information, visit the website at http://www.monbed.com/sponsored-editions/medical-practice-marketing-foster-goodwill-with-a-sponsored-edition.