Stone & Building Offers Excellent Quality Natural Stone Worktops

14 Jun

When outfitting a modern kitchen, there are many things to consider. The type of worktops you select must be in line with the overall atmosphere you’re aiming for, not to mention being practical and reliable. Natural stone worktops are the perfect way to marry those two ideas and supply your modern kitchen with appropriate and practical decor.

Being one of the leading manufacturers of natural stone worktops in the UK , Stone & Building offers its excellent services throughout London. With a large selection of materials available, we guarantee that you’ll get exactly what you need. Our worktops are manufactured using granite, marble, limestone, quartz, corian, and others.

Composite stone/quartz workshops by reputable manufacturers

Composite stone is a unique kind of material. While it possesses all the qualities of natural stone, including its elegance and durability, it provides a degree of flexibility few other types of stone can offer. With a great selection of colours, mirrored textures and subtle sand effects, composite stone, also known as quartz, is a perfect material for creating worktops that will act as a dramatic focal point of any kitchen. Quartz is water-proof, stain and heat-resistant, taking up to 295 degrees Fahrenheit. Our composite worktops are also resistant to scratching and at the same time, they stool look elegant and luxurious.

Stone & Building doesn’t just manufacture quartz worktops, however. In order to ensure maximum quality for every product, we collaborate with a number of reputable manufacturers. Compac, LunaStone, Silestone, Cimstone and Arenastone are our long-time partners that have helped us deliver the best products on the market for many years.

Our quartz worktops come in a variety of colours, patterns, and that makes them a perfect choice for the vast majority of modern kitchens. Thanks to support from our long-time partners, we can always provide a steady level of quality.

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